Hi Everyone,

Its been a few years since we last did this one and as many of you know it’s a good’un🙂

Mike’s wit when narrating these tour is wonderful and after the tour we return to the barn and have a wonderful Ploughmans Supper – with those famous Lyburn Cheese’s of course

Lyburn Cheeses, are all made on the farm, using their own pasteurised cows milk, and a vegetarian rennet and the Garlic & Nettle Cheese is a firm favourite :yum:

After the supper you can visit the shop and buy some of the cheeses you enjoyed at your Ploughmans Supper :plate_with_cutlery::yum:

The Cost is £15/head, payable in advance to my PayPal Account: malrowland21@gmail.com NOT FORGETTING TO SELECT PAYING FRIENDS OR FAMILY.

Please reply to this forum post only and not on our Solent Area Facebook page.

This event is being run on a first come first served basis.

We have booked this event for Wednesday 12th July and we have been allocated 20 spaces by the venue.

Full details will be posted in the MX5OC Diary in due course and we need to be actually at Lyburn for 6:15pm but we will lead a short drive from a departure point to be decided.

Best Regards

The Solent Team

List of Lyburn Attendees (Remember: We are only permitted to have 20 people in our group)

  1. Mal Rowland – Paid via PayPal
  2. Serena Rowland – Paid via PayPal
  3. Diane Botto – Paid Cash at Valentines Lunch
  4. Terry Botto – Paid Cash at Valentines Lunch
  5. Clare Barker – Paid via PayPal
  6. Richard Tugwell – Paid via PayPal
  7. Colin Reay – Paid via PayPal
  8. Nigel H – Paid via PayPal
  9. Lynn Mead – Paid via PayPal
  10. Roger Mead – Paid via PayPal
  11. Jo Finch – Paid via PayPal
  12. Colin Finch – Paid via PayPal
  13. Sue Angus – Paid via PayPal
  14. Tim Angus – Paid via PayPal
  15. Pat Couper – Paid via PayPal
  16. Stuart Couper – Paid via PayPal
  17. Howard Lawrence – Paid via PayPal
  18. Julie Lawrence – Paid via PayPal
  19. Josie Chandler – Paid via PayPal
  20. Brian Chandler – Paid via PayPalUPDATE AS OF 9th May 2023;Hi Everyone,

    We now have all the Payments in for the Lyburn Cheese Farm visit – Thank you all?

    I can now pay the venue for the 20 members attending this excellent event :+1:

    Please be sure to pack for rain, as if it rains, you will get wet in the open top trailer that takes us around the site – but hopefully, I have spoken to the Sun Gods and if they were listening, it will be nice and sunny on the night :sunglasses: :crossed_fingers:

    We will meet at Bishops Waltham Central Car Park, SO32 1AL, from 17:00pm onwards, for a prompt departure at 17:30, via back roads, to hopefully, avoid the congestion we experienced the last time we visited Lyburn on the M27 and A36 :roll_eyes:

    I spoke to Simon just now to finalise things and he said we need to be at Lyburn Cheese Farm by 6:15pm ready to board the trailers for our tour!

    We look forward to seeing you on the night and hopefully you will come away with some delicious Lybiurn Cheeses on the night :yum:

    Best Regards

    The Solent Team

MX-5 Owners Club