Channel Islands



Steve & Veronica Gould


Telephone:  07781 105508 (Text or call any day 9am-8pm)

Welcome to the Channel Island Area of the MX5 Owners Club. 

Steve & Veronica are very keen to build on the existing membership and will actively encourage ideas from all members.  In the future they are looking forward to welcoming visitors to their area whether it be for a weekend break or a longer holiday.  Their area covers both Islands; they have noted a few things of interest in relation to both the Islands of Guernsey & Jersey.


Guernsey is an island in the English Channel off the coast of Normandy that is part of the Bailiwick of Guernsey, it is not part of the UK but is one of the self-governing dependencies of the Crown.

It is known for beach resorts, country walks and the scenery of its coastal cliffs. Castle Cornet, a 13th-century harbour fortification in the capital of St. Peter Port, now contains history and military museums.
Currency: Guernsey pounds (however Sterling is also readily used)

Language: English

Capital: St Peter Port

Weather: Mild winters and warm summer months.

Cultural commonalities: include driving on the left


Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands, between England and France. A self-governing dependency of the United Kingdom, with a mix of British and French cultures, it’s known for its beaches, cliff side walking trails, inland valleys and historic castles. The Jersey War Tunnels complex, in a former hospital excavated by slave labour, documents the island’s 5-year German occupation during WWII.

Currency: Jersey Pound (however Sterling is also readily used)

Language: English

Capital: St Helier

Cultural commonalities include driving on the left


We do intend to have regular meets where we can get together for chats/meals out and drives around the Island(s).

All members new and old will be most welcome.

All events/meetings will be posted in the diary and email system


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