South Wales



Christopher Howells

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The South Wales Area is very active with approximately 200 members. It covers SA, NP, LD and CF post-code areas. We have three club meetings every month, The Grove Golf Club, Porthcawl, CF33 4RP on the second Wednesday, the Sporting Chance, Red Roses, Whitland, SA34 0PD on the third Wednesday and the The Ffynnon Wen, Llanishen. CF14 9AH on the fourth Wednesday. Details of these meetings are posted on the web and forum pages. We hold a monthly run on the fourth Sunday of the month (except for Bank Holidays when the run is moved to the Sunday before). Runs are prepared by various members and are posted here on the Club’s website under the Upcoming Club Events in the Events section. You will also find us on the Club’s Forum. Information regarding the area is also provided in a monthly email newsletter. The Club welcomes all enthusiasts of the MX-5 whether you own one or not, so why not come along and meet us.



Held at The Grove Golf Club, Porthcawl, CF33 4RP on the second Wednesday of each month.

Red Roses

Held at The Sporting Chance, Red Roses, Whitland, SA34 0PD on the third Wednesday of each month.


Held at  The Ffynnon Wen, Llanishen. CF14 9AH   on the fourth Wednesday of each month.


Nadolig Llawen St Peter.

Well it’s that time again and doesn’t it come around quickly. No I don’t mean the annual anniversary of our Co-ordinator Dynamic Dave purchasing a round of drinks for everyone, I mean the potential arrival on the horizon of one Mr Santa Claus (Father Christmas if you live outside Cowbridge). Claus is a gentleman who […]


Way out West!

The sun begins to set on everything that is the colour orange now, and what was once a proud and domineering tangerine coloured “rock of discussion” begins to melt into what resembles a once licked sorbet that has fallen onto the shoes of the lucky few and then dribbled away. In other words, orange fever […]


We’ve been Tangoed!

Jeff and Gill drove up the hill To plan their MX5 run They sped back down Cut through the town And declared “We have devised one”! Ok, I’m no poet so will stick to the day job, but yes indeed the 17th of August brought us Jeff and Gills annual MX5 club run. This run […]


Its hot in the cottage.

“Morrisons” at 10am on a Sunday morning, veg is on offer today I think, 50% off the spuds and if you’re lucky a bottle of “Shloer” grape juice for just a quid, wow!, but only one per customer mind you…..hmmm….what could be better? But we don’t care about that, oh no, as the curtains open […]


Frying tonight!

It’s that time again when the MX5 loving creatures of the night (nocturnal for the posh people), throw off the debris that the course of the working day has painted them with, unfurl their wings and set about taking to mystical channels of black lane highway, in other words it’s TIME FOR THE ANNUAL FISH […]