21st November 2021 @ 12:30 pm – 4:00 pm
Corbie Inn
84 Corbiehall
Bo'ness EH51 0AU
Raymond Collett

21st November  – Planning meeting.

Venue: The Corbie Inn at Bo’ness.  https://corbieinn.co.uk/

Proposed time: Meeting at1230 for 1300hrs lunch then have a meeting afterwards to discuss and plan for the future events in 2022.  As we have not been active for quite a while, there will be no recap of year 2021.

It has been a difficult period during the Covid situation and in following the Govt rules, we unfortunately have done very little.

It is only recently that with the relaxation of restrictions, some “normality” has ensued but not enough to have made an impact now that the year, for us, draws towards winter & outings restricted towards outings for a meal and chat.

As a result brought on by Covid & inactivity, some members may now have decided that this is the time to depart to pastures new.   The lack of activity & comms together with the temptation of higher trade-in values may also be contributing factors.

The Planning Meeting is convened to sum up the last year and to look ahead to the future on the basis that next year will allow more freedom with the additional safety measures in place.

As members your input at the Planning meeting is required to proactively set forth the calendar of events of runs, pub meets, weekends away, venues of interest and such like that we all hope will be achievable thus permitting the socialising with friends that was the “normal” in the past.

This task has fallen in the past to many of the long standing members of our Area in organising events covering all months of the year, attempting to have runs monthly from March/April through to September/October with monthly pub/meal events throughout the year.  For this we thank them all for their time in planning these for our pleasure.

So here is your chance to have your say and take the opportunity to create an outing yourself and give others the chance to follow the car in front, rather than lead all!

We all have the best intentions of the Area at heart and are here to assist those who require help and guidance in the organising events, but it is unrealistic that this should fall to the same group of volunteers’ year on year.

This is your Club and you will only reap what you sow, so please, prior to the meeting, have thoughts on how you could contribute in your own way to bring a Club event together that can be placed on the calendar for all to enjoy.

Those who are unable to attend the meeting please feel free to contact me by email with ideas or venues you would like to propose.

As indicated earlier this is a Lunch off the menu followed by the meeting, so plenty of time for a chat or meeting with new members before getting into the calendar discussion.

So please drop me an email if you are able to attend so that I have a rough idea of numbers to pass to the pub owners of how many meals will be required.

I look forward to seeing you there.



CS Area Co-ordinator