26th August 2024 – 29th August 2024 all-day
Martin and Anne

From Martins Facebook post –

Hello All
Those of you who were at any of the last 2 meetings may remember that I spoke about a trip to the Brecon Beacons area of Wales.
I must say I was really pleased with the positive response from you all and have been looking at the best way to meet the demand.
The guest house has a total of 13 rooms, so I think that even when they are fully vacant we will struggle to get us all in.
I’ve spoken to the owners of the guest house and they are not able to fit us all in any date in 2024, so we’d have to wait until 2025.
However, they’ve had a cancellation for 26th to 29th August next year, but they only have 8 rooms available (after allocating 1 to us as organisers obvs).
They have 1 single, 3 double, 3 twin and 1 family room (which has a double and 2 bunk beds).
My notes from the meetings show that as well as myself and Anne there are 11 couples and 3 single travellers who would like to come.
In no particular order:
Burton & Lesley, Carol & Steve, Wendy & Andre, Bobby & Mac, Brent & Gill, Eileen & Trevor, Ray & Liz, Simon & Anne, Jenny & Mike, John Needham, Dean & Gill, Jenny, Noel & Karen and Alan.
Could all of the above please confirm that you are still interested.
If I’ve missed anyone off then please let me know. Also if there’s anyone out there who’s not made it to the meetings and would like to come along, let me know and I’ll add you to the list.
OK, so now we come to the answer to all your questions about how we’re going to manage to fit 11 couples and 3 solo flyers into 8 rooms.
We’ll, as we’re not THAT type of club, the answer obviously is we’re not.
I plan to hold a lottery at the Christmas do on 2nd December. This will be in the bar prior to the start of festivities. Time to be announced later. It will be open to all those interested, not just those at the do.
There will be 2 draws, 1 for the single room and another for the rest, with the remainder going on to a reserve list, for which we will also have a draw for the order of the list.
I hope this is all clear and that you all accept this solution, but if any of you have queries please let me know.
Cheers all
Martin & Anne
Full derails to follow
MX-5 Owners Club