3rd December 2017 @ 10:00 am
The Museum of Childhood
Sudbury Hall
Sudbury, Ashbourne DE6
Burton and Lesley

Please note this run is a week earlier than usual, date amended to space out our last events of the year.

Starting point Moorlands,Owler Bar S17 3BQ  9:30 for 10:00 (or earlier if you are having a full breakfast)

Full details are on the route card, please download it, print it and bring it with you (or save as a .pdf on  your phone)

There are two attractions in Sudbury, The Museum of Childhood and Sudbury Hall, both National Trust properties

The Museum of Childhood is a delight for all ages with something for everyone. Explore the childhoods of times gone by, make stories, play with toys and share your childhood with others. You can be a chimney sweep, a scullion or a Victorian pupil, members are advised to brush up on their ‘tables’ or you will incur the wrath of a gowned teacher complete with a cane, in a rebuild Victorian classroom.

The Museum of Childhood   

(From the National Trusts web site)

The Home Gallery

This gallery turns home life on its head. Look up to see a bedroom on the ceiling. Put yourself in the shoes of a family on the home front in the Second World War.

Pick a favourite from the wonderful display of dolls houses and board games.

The School Gallery

The best days of your life? Cast your mind back to semolina dinners and school uniforms.

Sit up straight and pay attention in the Victorian school room and have a go at our playground games.

The Baby Gallery

Trace the first year of life and see how we celebrate the arrival of a new baby. Compare the equipment used to care for little ones today to that of the 19th century.

The Stories and Imagination Gallery 

Enter here and who knows who you’ll meet. Walk through outer space and a magical forest. Budding storytellers can create their own characters and stories in our performance area.

Play with puppets and delve into our book collection.

Re-discover the toys you played with as a child or those your parents or grandparents loved. Learn about how childhoods have changed over the past decades right through to modern day.

Christmas in Glorious Technicolour at Sudbury Hall

The 1960s were a decade of vivid colours, kitsch prints and, of course, the introduction of colour TV! This Christmas at Sudbury we’ll be taking a playful alternative approach to Christmas, from monochrome to glorious technicolour …..

We have stepped back to 1967 at Sudbury Hall, back to when the Hall and some key pieces of its collection were transferred into National Trust’s care. It may look very different but we hope it will allow visitors to look closer and truly appreciate the beautiful interior features Sudbury has to offer.

Sudbury was the Vernon family home right up until the 1960s and after they moved out the Trust set about deciding how to present the Hall. In the early years with the Trust the Hall was controversially redecorated and then furnished with items to try to replicate the atmosphere of the family home.

To celebrate Sudbury’s 50th anniversary we’re focusing on the real Sudbury and the beautiful interior features it has to offer, without the distractions of the furnishings brought in by the Trust.

Sudbury is rich with world-class craftmanship including intricate carvings by Grinling Gibbons, the Grand Stairs carved by Peirce, Bradbury and Pettifer’s elaborate plasterwork, and murals by Louis Laguerre.

To highlight these works of art we have stripped the house back to the bare bones, rolling up carpets and covering furniture, everything on show is what was in the hall in 1967.

Visitors are now able to get up close and appreciate the seventeenth century craftsmanship so often overlooked in favour of non-original interior furnishings.

We will be opening more of Sudbury’s basements than ever before so you can imagine life at Sudbury from the perspective of those ‘below stairs’ and see what went into making a country house tick.

For the first time you will be able to see the Chintz bedroom on the upper floor, part of a fascinating suite of rooms in need of conservation.


The direct route mileage is 61 miles, so with a few detours, (someintentional others  un planned) the mileage to the venue  will be approx. 75

The route will take us out to Buxton, via Bretton, down the Goyt Valley to Earl Sterndale, Newhaven, Pikehall , Longcliffe, Fenny Bentley,  Ashbourne, Osmanton, Yeaveley, Alkmonton, Church Broughton, Heath Top, and onto Sudbury Village.

The mid morning coffee and comfort stop is just off the A515 near Monyash.

There is a free large car park 250 yds across from the hall, a buggy is available for those would prefer to ride the short distance.

Admission to the halls courtyard and Coach House Tea Room  is free.

There is an admission charge  to non members to get into the Hall or Museum.

Sunday 3 December

  • Hall              13:00 – 18:00
  • Museum      11:00 – 16:00
  • Shop           10:30 – 18:00
  • Tea-room    10:30 – 18:00

If the weather forecast is bad for this weekend, I will cut out some of the route, and use A roads, watch the forum for updates

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