25th February 2018 all-day
Electric Tracks... Scalextric Racing
Weston Hills Rd
Low Fulney, Spalding PE12 6NE
Scalextric Racing @ Electric Tracks... Scalextric Racing | Low Fulney | England | United Kingdom

As originally suggested at the West Norfolk meet in October, we’ve arranged the Scalextric racing for Sunday 25th Feb 2018 at 3pm. Kev & Mat kindly handed out some leaflets for us at the last meet, as we were unable to get over to Hunstanton, but details about the venue can be found here and the location is Scalextric Racing, 15 Weston Hills Rd, Low Fulney, Spalding PE12 6NE.

We’ve booked the Series 2 racing which consists of 8 different tracks with 4 lanes on each track. Racing should last about 90 mins and the current cost is just £9 each, although there is a small chance that prices may increase for 2018 – they haven’t changed for the last couple of years and if they do, it’s likely to only go up by a pound or two.

There’s a small café at the venue – nothing plush, but will allow spectators somewhere to be comfortable and get a drink or a snack etc. There’s no charge for just spectating.

***UPDATE 27/01*** I called the venue today to confirm the booking and they are happy to let people pay on the day, so I will not need to collect any money beforehand.

We’ve also booked a table at Frankie & Benny’s at Springfields in Spalding for 5.30pm. They have a small car park, but if it’s full, you can park in the main Springfields car park instead. You will need to take a ticket, but the main car park becomes free from 6pm, so you won’t need to pay anything to park.

Please could you add your names below and whether you will be taking part in the racing or just spectating and also whether you would like to join us at Frankie & Benny’s afterwards.


Phil & Jen

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