31st May 2024 all-day
Gatwick Aviation Museum
Vallance By Ways
Lowfield Heath Rd, Charlwood
Gatwick RH6 0BT
Martin & Nicky (East Sussex & Downs via Chris Unstead

Dear all,

This event was discussed some time back with Chris Unstead (East Sussex & Downs AC and yesterday Chris sent me the flyer for this event, which is being lead by Martin & Nicky and they would be pleased to see any Solent Area Members who can make it along to this drive & event.

The flyer was too big to upload originally, so we have copied the document into a Google Docs File and it is given here, at the following link;


The flyer gives all the details we have been givn by East Sussex & Downs Area for this drive and for simplicity, we will meet up with east Sussex & Downs at the Rendevous Point given in the flyer; 09:00 to 10.00 – Meet at Old Barn Nursery RH13 8NR for refreshments.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Best Regards

Team Solent

MX-5 Owners Club