18th July 2024 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Port Solent
The Boardwalk
Port Solent. PO6 4TP
£1 per car
Mal Rowland

Hi Everyone,

We have again been invited by Jason White to attend and park our MX-5’s on the Boardwalk Port Solent for an evening for the public to see. It has been a great event in recent years and we have a meal in Wildwood, which Jason has vouchers for to get a discount.

Here is the post for this years Port Solent visit.as per last year, the whole Waterfront Area, is for the sole use of Solent Area MX5OC Members, so the bit by Chiquito’s, Port Solent. This is better defined in the screen grab pasted below and highlighted, by Jason in Light Blue, which is Brilliant. :+1:


Jason has had 30 Ferraris parked in this area in the past, so there would be room in the blue highlighted area for at least 30 to 35 MX5’s, parked sensibly, so we should fit fairly easily :smile:

The plan is to have Terry and I parked down at the Waterfront, with the Solent Area Flag and to be joined by a good selection of MX5’s across the model range, i.e. Mk1, Mk2/2,5, Mk3/3.5/3.75 and Mk4’s for the public to view.

Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis and we will need a couple of Marshalls (please voulnteer if you can possibly help with this) to ensure that only Solent Area Members enter the Blue Highlighted Area, as others will have to park in the main car park.

If you wish to come along to this event and park by the Waterfront, please respond to this post soonest and book your place and you and your MX5 will be placed on our list “on a first come first served basis”.

Finally, the important thing to remember, is that once parked for 19:00, cars will not be allowed to move on Public Safety safety grounds, until after 21:00. So, members will need to ensure they are happy to stay past 21:00 and Jason and the Marshalls will be there to ensure this rule is strictly adhered to.

Please aim to be at Port Solent for 18:00 in good time for Jason to guide us in and direct us to the assigned parking area. Once parked up I will come round with to collect £1 from each MX-5, so be sure to raid your Pigggy Banks for £1 coins beforehand

Best Regards

Team Solent

MX-5 Owners Club