31st May 2024 all-day
Gatwick Aviation Museum
Booking required
Chris Unsted

Cost is £10pp for entry, a guided tour and parking on the display field by the Shackleton.
Displays included complete and partial planes, numerous engines, an Airbus A350 First Class Cabin used for training and a Boeing 747 bar that James Bond (Daniel Craig) drank at in Quantum of Solace 😊

https://www.gamc.org.uk/ – RH6 0BT

09:00 to 10.00 – Meet at Old Barn Nursery RH13 8NR for refreshments.
10:00 – Run to the Museum RH6 0BT. Approx 1 hour and 30 miles.
11.00 – Arrive at Museum. Parking is on the display field close to the Shackleton (pictured above). Please follow instructions from the staff and be aware of other visitors milling about. Due to this potential safety hazard could people not joining the run please arrive as close to 11.00 as possible please. There is a small Café onsite but it is limited to hot and cold drinks plus sandwiches, packaged cakes, chocolate and crisps.
11.45 to 12.45 – First half of tour.
12.45 to 14.30 – Picnic or Café lunch. There are numerous picnic spots around the site. The top choices probably being by our cars close to the Shackleton or over at the Gatwick Airport viewing point (5 to 8 minute walk) which is VERY close to the live runway. We have suggested a long lunch to give a chance to wander around, take photos and visit the runway viewing point.
14.30 to 15.30 – Second half of tour.
15.30 – Depart for home. Leaving before this is possible but I will need to keep the staff informed due to our display area parking position.

Open Friday, Saturday & Sunday 10.00 to 16.00
• All car club members can park on our event field just by the Shackleton, which offers you a good photo opportunity;
• Members can enjoy a guided tour of the Museum;
• Any day of the week is potentially possible, subject to me securing enough Volunteers but we are open to the public on a Friday to Sunday. If you wanted to do something on another week day, we can certainly explore that for you.
• The normal cost for entry to the Museum would be £11.00 or £9.50 for those lucky enough to be over 65 and parking on our event field is normally an extra charge also. For a group rate however, I could offer you this option for £10 per head if a minimum of 20 people in group.
RUN: From Old Barn Nursery RH13 8NR (turn left on exiting) – Approx 1 hour and 30 miles

2 Martin and Nicky
2 Chris and Heather
1 Paul C
2 Steve and Janet Payne
2 John and Ann
2 Pat and David
2 Joan and Stephen
2 Miles and June
2 Paul and Barbara
1 David Lawrence
1 David Turtle (from Eastbourne)
2 Peter and Angela Toogood
2 Nigel and Louise ?
2 Keith and Jo
2 Chris and Maggie
2 Andy and Jackie
2 Russell and Lesley
Roger and Linda

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