1st April 2018 @ 7:30 am – 1:30 pm
Jeff Caswell

We will be joining the pageant on Sunday the 1st of April and will have a pitch on the lawns specifically for ourselves. I have organised our usual 2 meeting places so that we can drive down to the sea front together. The first is at Gordano services. Please be there for 7.30am to leave at 7.45am. we will then drive down to Weston Super Mare and the second meeting point is at Matalan in the car park. This is next to Morrison’s on the way in. Please be there for 7.45am and we will all swing past just after 8am and everyone can join onto the end of the queue.

I will be bringing along the tea and coffee for the day so everyone can help themselves and keep warm if its required lol. Please feel free to bring cakes or snacks to share, the more the merrier.

The organisers have told me they have booked more food stalls and entertainment than ever before and that there are car clubs coming from as far away as Belgium.

Email me back if you are coming along and where you you intend to meet up. If you are going to be a little later that every one else, just drive along the lawns at the sea front, look for the flags and give us a beep, we will show you the best way to get onto the grass and where to park. Even if you come down and use the lawns for free parking while you go off and have fun on the pier, its well worth it, I’m well informed that parking for the day costs £10 for the day.

we’ll see you there ☺

Jeff & Jim 

MX-5 Owners Club