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If you’ve scanned the code on the latest copy of your Club Magazine that leads you to this page your Club membership will fall due before the next edition.

To continue your subscription to your award-winning Club Magazine, avoid missing out on all our upcoming events including tickets for you and a guest to the MX-5 35th Anniversary event on June 9th, and the many other fantastic offers and benefits available to you as a member.

Please fill in the form below by logging in to your member profile, check and update your information, fill in payment details and click on renew. If the form does not display visit the page directly

You can also take advantage of some additional savings and set up a Direct Debit – this option is available any time up to 21 days before your renewal date.

Please note: 28 days after your existing membership expiry date, in accordance with GDPR requirements, the system will revert your profile to non-member status. This is an automated step that will reapply initial joining fees, please call us after this time,

The MX-5 Owners Club is dedicated to helping you make the most of your MX-5 ownership. No matter where your journeys lead you, we can’t wait to welcome you back.


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